Editorial: Bad Tattoo

I met a woman the other day who had one of those trendy tattoos that consist of a short phrase...

Breaking Up With The Dead

Two of the most popular political terms in the world are still two of the most esoteric and abused terms...

The Anti-White Assault on Canada – Penned by Red Serge

In the 19th century, Canadians spoke three primary languages. Those languages were Gaelic, English, and French. Today Gaelic hardly registers...

The Infantilization and Intellectual Abandonment of Our Students By Cornelius Agrippa

Apart from an unfaltering dedication to multiculturalism, our school systems won’t admit that a decrease in overall education is the outcome designed, as the more education commitments the system takes on (multiculturalism, inclusivity, prioritization of women), the more work that the Canadian education industry makes for itself. The infantilization of Canadian students comes from the declining quality of education beginning in childhood.

The Future Will Be Our Past And The Past Will Be Our Future – By Mundilfury

While looking at yourself in the mirror, have you ever wondered who was staring back at you? Your appearance, your very countenance, is your own, yet it is a conglomeration of features handed down to you from your parents, grandparents, and your great-grandparents.