Count Dankula Convicted of Being “Grossly Offensive”

Today a new precedent has been set in British courts, with the conviction of Markus Meechan (more commonly known as Count Dankula), for the crime of being “grossly offensive”. Yes, in the UK this is now a crime. Not any mere crime, for that matter, but one worthy of incarceration. Meechan is currently awaiting his sentence, which could either be house-arrest, or time in jail. After two years of deliberation, Meechan has stated that he is deeply disheartened by this result. His girlfriend on the other hand, who calls herself “Mrs Dank”, says that she is “furious” at the decision, and considers the “justice system in the UK” to be “a FARSE”.

The heavily pierced and tattooed self-dubbed “shitposter”, who has the Hammer and Sickle tattooed on his chest, has widely been described as a member of the “far-right”. Many members of the British left are now celebrating this verdict, as a sign that the UK’s legal system is taking a firm stance against ‘hate-speech’.

What makes this decision so distinct, and historical, is that there was no injured party. No viewer came forward to accuse Meechan of a hate crime, nor was anyone specifically targeted in the video. Rather, this was entirely the decision of the UK justice system, who apparently has the authority to arrest and charge people for being offensive. Not for “promoting hate”, or “inciting violence”, which are already illegal, nor for offending anyone in particular, but simply for being “grossly offensive” in a general sense.

What does this ultimately mean, for the future of British culture? It demonstrates that there is an increasing lack of room for those in the sociopolitical “middle”. Although a “Conservative” government holds the reigns of UK policy, the left-wing agenda continues to manifest in law, and in society, and they want absolute hegemony. The Alt-Right has long been silenced in the West, and will continue to be, but now centrists and even moderate leftists are feeling the boot-heel. As Canada expands its “hate-speech” laws to include gender and “Islamophobia”, and the UK cracks down on anything remotely “offensive”, anyone who believes in the exercise of Free Speech will find themselves hitting a legal wall (which just got ten feet higher, by the way).

This decision has set a new precedent in terms of actual enforcement, but the law that Count Dankula is now suffering from has been in place since 2003. Within the 2003 Communications Act:

Section 127(1)(a) relates to a message etc that is grossly offensive or of an indecent, obscene or menacing character and should be used for indecent phone calls and emails. Section 127(2) targets false messages and persistent misuse intended to cause annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety; it includes somebody who persistently makes silent phone calls (usually covered with only one information because the gravamen is one of persistently telephoning rendering separate charges for each call unnecessary).

In short, the wording of the law is so broad that you may be arrested, charged, and imprisoned for persistently causing “annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety”. Of course, even the most benign use of Free Speech could cause annoyance, inconvenience, or anxiety, especially as the West’s university system continues to produce coddled adult-children.

The message is clear: there is no discussion left to be had. Your speech is not only unwanted, but it is illegal. No matter how middle-of-the-road you may be, the time for talking is officially (as sanctioned by the legislative and judicial branches of government) over. The bad news is that the culture war has been going on for a long time, we are losing, and there is no ‘playing fair’. The good news is that we may soon find ourselves with a large number of unlikely allies.

Note: for those who have not yet seen the video deemed criminally “offensive”, you can find a link below:

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