A Farewell to Cornwallis, war victim

On a bright but ominous afternoon, the 31st of January, 2018, the statue of Edward Cornwallis, founder of Halifax and one of the great heroes in Canadian history, was unceremoniously removed from his pedestal in his namesake park, and put on the back of a truck, along with the pedestal. A small crowd of fools and communists cheered at the destruction of a monument to a history that allowed them to exist in a country with so much untapped potential.

They will make you kill your own history.

What was Cornwallis’ grave crime that warranted his immediate destruction? Establishment historians allege he issued an order for the scalps of the aboriginals in the area, the Miqmaq, a disconnected population of savage who were known for their barbaric practices. In 1749, he then founded the city of Halifax, one of the most important cities in all of Canada’s history. It was here that Canada forged a proud maritime tradition, where new settlers arrived from the old world, and set out to tame this oft harsh land. Unlike other alleged crimes of the past, these are not to be discussed, they are simply to be acted upon as they are told.

This statue had to die off to placate the rapidly expanding throngs of antiwhite footsoldiers infesting the area, and the rest of the country as well. They had protests, after all, an event we should never look away from or disagree with, so we’re told. Unless it’s in our historical and cultural interests, then we should hate it. This protest was the same one in which a handful of Proud Boys members arrived, flying the Red Ensign, and simply dared to be in the presence of modern savages, who shook feathers at them. The Proud Boys said little, lesser still was disagreeable information, but – naturally – they were deemed racist, and nearly thrown out of the military for the stunt. All for daring to say ‘no’ to the destruction of our heritage and history in favor of surrogates.

Existing is racist.

A report from the city said of the statue and related protests: “Given the probable increased volatility due to the passage of time since the last protest and the withdrawal of the ANSMC [Assembly of Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq Chiefs] from the process, the protests may be less peaceful than the protests of July 2017 and represent a significant risk for damage to the statue, conflicts among protesters and counter-protesters and personal injury.”
Cornwallis will be stashed in storage until he is forgotten. Then it’s likely his grand bronze statue will simply disappear from the world.

Cornwallis is the first Canadian figure to be unpersoned by having their statue removed. Just like the unpersoning of American heroes, whose only crime was being on the losing side of a civil war, Cornwallis was removed as quickly as possible, with armed guards protecting the five hour ordeal. Sir John A Macdonald, our first prime minister and father of confederation, is also under attack in various forms, from school names to the notes created by the Mint. Previous prime ministers Sir Wilfrid Laurier and Sir Robert Borden are also to be removed from the common bills, replaced by more tertiary and unimportant characters, and pushed to the huge bills that nobody gets paid enough to see. Slowly, they too, will be swept from history, replaced only with a footnote in a fake history book stating how many nonwhite people they were mean to.

We are told that we are a nation of immigrants, we are told that we have no valid claim to the lands we have created for centuries, we are told that we must hate who we are. These are, of course, lies and schemes that should never be fallen for. The fight to constantly reframe and remove history is one tactic which is used constantly against Canada, and everyone across the other white countries of the world. And if we do not fold immediately, we must be punished until we do. When you alter history and you alter perception, you can alter everything that relies on those. And when you destroy the foundation of a civilization, the civilization it stands on topples down.

This is the shadow war that has befallen our people: not of men, spirits and supply lines, but a war of subversion, of disintegration and deterioration. It is a war where the combatants are not soldiers on the battlefield, but ordinary men, women and children in their homes. It is a war where the mind of the combatant is not shot with a bullet, but addled through disinformation. Where the fighting spirit of the combatant is not broken through defeat, but forced into surrender through emotional manipulation. Where the supply lines are not cut by tactical prowess, but through monetary and political hegemony.
In this war, all whites, great and small, have been deemed as enemy forces that must be convinced to kill themselves.
In this war, whites who have achieved greatness have been declared war criminals that must be stricken from existence.
In this war, worst of all are those who see what is going on, despite the propaganda telling them it’s not going on.
And those who command this shadow war upon our unsuspecting people wonder why the Alt-Right is rising in popularity, especially with disillusioned and morale-stricken youth. They wonder how the protest at Charlottesville could have happened, while they do the same thing to us. Will it happen here? Only time will tell.

Sons of The Great White North, I ask that you raise a glass in toast. To General Cornwallis, a true Canadian hero, we bid you farewell for now. But may you rise in the future, greater than ever before, bringing glory to the North.

Gone, but not forgotten.

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