Midgard Rising Episode 28 – The 88 Precepts

In this episode we transition from weekly rune-study to an examination of David Lane’s 88 Precepts. D’nations, Thanks a lot for the sizable donations. This will allow us to buy many bottles of mead.
Look forward to our “hero’s’ episode including Beowulf, The Iliad and the Odyssey and more!
Rune study is now complete and we are moving on to new content.
Reflections on how far the show has come and the accomplishments we have achieved.
On to the 88 Precepts.
vintage Volkmom segement
Ballad of Charlottesville 2.0 – Byron De La Vandal
News and commentary.
End Music – Halfway to Life Break music originally aired on Fash The Nation. It’s Byron De La Vandal’s Ballad of Charlottesville 2.0
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