Episode 24: Isa, Stasis, and THOT Genocide

In this episode we continue our runestudy with Isa, touch on Yule-time customs and traditions, rant about the Stienle verdict, and encourage our listeners to invest in bitcoin. Break music is “Neptune” by VulgaR

End music is an original recording of the SS Wiking division singing our title song, “Pa Vikingtog”. Episode 25 Isa Rune Introduction
Statement by Julian upon his return
Isa rune study
Mails from listener about Yule
Yule tree posting
Thot status patrolled (Volkmom edition)
Break music
D’nator recommends Europa Sun to all of the listeners https://www.amazon.com/Europa-Sun-Vol-Issue-October/dp/197824925X
Julian’s mic suddenly increases his testosterone levels
Kate Steinle discussion
Midgard Rising endorses Bitcoin, buying tips and strategies
Vote for Roy Moore in spite of being a neo-jew, er um Christian. Just vote for him.
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