Episode 23: Naudiz, Vril preservation, (((Marvel))), and the Wrath of the Awakened Berniebro

In this episode we explore the Naudiz Rune, implore you to save your Vril, and rage about a Costal Elite interpretation of Alt-Right paganism. Intros
houskeeping: book recomendations:
– Stephen McNallen – Asatru: A Native European Spirituality);
– Edred Thorrson – Futhark: A Handbook of Rune Magic;
– Stephen Flowers – The Secret King;
– Poetic Edda: Crawford version;
– Tyr magazine Myth, Culture, Tradition
explanation of Rune order
runestudy: Naudiz
don’t watch porn, keep your Vril
an older Volkmom segment on bone-broth preparation
Music: Paddy Tarleton – Sovereignty and Blood Forever
hosts react to an (((article))) on Marvel’s new Thor movie
Breaking news: Berniebro Attacks
Music: Wolfnacht – Sonnentod donations:
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