Episode 22: Ehwas, O10, & Shelbyville Optics: We all hang the same

In this episode we discuss the Ehwas rune and feature O10 for a debriefing session on Shelbyville and a discussion on optics. Introductions episode 22 Ehwas
Ehwas rune study
Rune study discussion
Re-hash the Jive/ Halloween
Halloween or Samhain is a thoroughly ancestral tradition celebrate!

Diversity Vs. Halloween—Can Your Neighborhood Pass The Trick-Or-Treat Test?

Break segment with Volkmom and song by White Hot Takes
Link to go with Volkmom segement- https://youtu.be/uleku615u7M
Many thanks for the gift of the new production computer, kind donor.
Mails from listeners
Guest Odin attended the recent rally in Shelbyville and gives us his assessment. Odin and hosts speak about acoustics, strategy, antifa plans for Nov. 4.
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