Episode 21: Hagal, Optics and the measure of Loki’s nose

In this episode we explore the Hagal rune, discuss optics-cucking, Loki and the Trickster Archetype, and hear some spoopy Spencer music. Housekeeping and shitposting
Rune study on Hagal read from Rune Lore by Edred Thorsson
Rune discussion
Is Anglin incorrect about American Nationalism? Discussion.
Break segment by Volkmom and song- Hook Nose by Mr. Bond
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Loki is a jew and does despicable things out of spite
Discussion of the gods and relations
Spencer @ Gainsville Florida speech
Textiles from Sweden story is bullshit, check out the new Red Ice video for a more in depth analysis
Music by VulgaR – Titan (featuring Richard Spencer)
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