Episode 19: Wunjo & RadioWehrwolf: Build a wall and make the Jotun pay for it!

In this episode we discuss the Wunjo rune and feature Dion from Radio Wehrwolf. Introductions
d’nations and housekeeping
special guest Dion from Radio Wehrwolf — www.radiowehrwolf.com
hosts can be found on the TRS 504um for questions, comments, or at midgardrising@protonmail.com
Dion introduces his platform
Wunjo rune study
comments on Wunjo
break: Volkmom on Wild Edible Mushrooms and a demo track from the upcoming AndsvarA album (spring 2018)
Day of Remembrance for Erik the Red, Hail!
Dion speaks on his beliefs & areas of study
Heathen News
Vegas shooting
Wall is being built
We have a religious right to carry weapons
Charlottesville 3.0
Music by VulgaR:
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