The Anti-White Assault on Canada – Penned by Red Serge

In the 19th century, Canadians spoke three primary languages. Those languages were Gaelic, English, and French. Today Gaelic hardly registers as even a minor Canadian language; instead, Chinese (both Cantonese and Mandarin) as well as Punjabi have taken its place. How could this turn of events have come to pass? The obvious answer is immigration; however, what conditions led to European Canadians being passive enough to allow their gradual cultural erosion? This article seeks not to focus on language alone, it mentions this only as a metaphor for the broader issue, which is the increasingly rapid dispossession of European Canadians.

Before we delve into the issues surrounding the decline of white Canada, it is necessary to lay out some terminology. First off, this article will allude to white Canadians and European Canadians interchangeably. Second, the article will merely refer to the proponents of this decline as “the left” or “Marxists” for the sake of brevity. The anti-white agenda is multifaceted and comes from many different angles. As such, the groups/individuals/philosophies that push forward the anti-white agenda merit serious discussion all their own. Additionally, it should be noted that this work seeks merely to pinpoint issues causing the decline of whites in Canada and not to suggest solutions; that topic might be the subject of a later piece.

A major factor in the decline of white Canada is the stripping away of any sort of European, and especially white, identity. The first step in taking away European Canadian identity is to deny those people the ability to organise themselves as a part of a group. An example of this would be the social backlash whites receive when trying to collectivise. This social backlash was on full display in Toronto Ontario when a small group of activist students at the University of Toronto organised to form a white student union. The attempt to form such a union was roundly proclaimed racist and evil by the public. The public outcry resulted in the White Students Union being barred from the U of T students union.1 However, a blatant double standard was revealed by any individual inquisitive enough to research what sort of unions exist on the U of T campus – while the White Students Union was roundly dismissed, and the mere idea of it resulted in the collective revulsion of the left and moderate right, a plethora of non-white student unions predate the proposal of a white student union, such as the Black Students’ Association.2 This is but one striking example of whites being denied the right to collectivise and positively self-identify. The fact that other races and ethnicities are permitted to engage in their respective student organisations makes the anti-white sentiment all the more apparent.

Another method of denying whites an identity is the typically Marxist tactic of establishing one group as the oppressor and the other as the oppressed. This line of thinking has been applied to ethnic groups. Instead of the historical bourgeoisie versus the proletariat, the modern Marxist establishes the white Canadian majority as the evil oppressor and the many brown, black, etc… minorities as the oppressed. A perfect example of these Marxist tactics on display is the denial of white men having a scholarship awarded to them. While Canada still allows sex specific scholarships, race is apparently found to be an illegal qualifier for scholarship in Canada…unless you’re black, Asian, or aboriginal.3 In February of 2016, an Ontario court denied a man the right to establish a scholarship fund for straight white men. However, the same court system allows for black-only and male/female-only scholarship; only when it is a white-only scholarship do the courts intervene.4

More insidious is the tactic by which anti-white activists destroy any sense of positive self-identification: historical revisionism and erasure. This is typically carried out through attacking the heroes that European Canadians hold up as pillars of history. The most contemporary example of this is the Ontario Teachers’ Union’s attempt to have the name and statues of Sir John A. MacDonald, the man heralded as the father of confederation, stripped from public schools across the province. The reason given by the Teachers’ Union is that Sir John A. MacDonald is a figure that had many bad dealings with aboriginals, most starkly by holding office as Prime Minister when the residential school system was established. Due to MacDonald’s poor treatment of aboriginals, the Teacher’s Union felt that it was traumatic and demeaning for modern aboriginals to have to see his name on the school that they may be attending; therefore, to make these poor children feel better, we as a society should engage in iconoclasm by wiping his name from public schools.5 By tarnishing MacDonald’s name to such a degree and attempting to have his likeness removed from the faces of our educational establishments, the anti-white Teachers’ Union of Ontario has taken a direct shot at one of the founding and unifying figures of a previously unambiguously European Canada. While many of Macdonald’s individual detractors may not realise it, their attack of his legacy is a direct attack on the European Canadian identity on behalf of the aboriginal peoples; in essence, white identity in Canada is further demonized by these events.

Since much of the public discourse seems to have taken on the tone of vilifying any sort of white identity, and especially the defence of that identity, it is no surprise that the European people of Canada are helpless, and most often unaware, of their declining influence and representation. This declining representation is most stark when contemporary ethnic composition is observed. Between 2006 and 2011, Canada went from 84% white to 81% white.6 If this trend should continue every 5 years, in a mere few generations Canada will be less than 50% white. What was a 95%-or-more-white country until the 1980s will be less than 50% white before the end of the 21st century. This is one of the most dramatic and rapid ethnic changes in the history of Western societies.

The reason why Canada is seeing such a massive ethnic shift is twofold. First, white Canadians are not having as many children as they once did. This decline in fertility is undoubtedly egged on by the demoralization that occurs when a population is denied any sort of collectivisation or positive self-identification. Low birthrates would not result in the decline of white Canada, however, if not for the second issue of mass immigration. The policy of mass migration from non-white countries has seen that Chinese and Indian languages are becoming more prominent than many European languages.

Detractors will note that typically Canada has always had high levels of immigration and for most of Canada’s history this has been true. To put it bluntly, Canada almost exclusively accepted immigrants from European countries until the late 20th century. Additionally, immigration was targeted and specific. This meant that when Canada needed farmers they would target groups that would make good farmers (hence the large number of Ukrainians living in the Canadian prairies). Today, the policy of immigration is open to just about anyone of any ethnic background and the government is very terse to deport any newcomers. Policies such as refugee status or foreign student status are also abused to result in higher numbers of immigrants. In many decades prior, it was the rule that refugees and foreign students had to go back to their homelands once their limited stay in Canada ended. Today these people are often settled in Canada indefinitely.

If you will allow the author a moment’s reprise from the third person, I would like to inject a personal anecdote. Just as the majority of white Canadians have fallen into the trap of rejecting positive self-identification, so too did I. It was only with the revival of white interests through a group known as the Great White North as well as the efforts of individuals such as Ricardo Duchesne, and Jared Taylor that I woke up to the plight of my ethnic group. It is thanks to this awakened consciousness that I have taken it upon myself to rediscover the language that many of my predecessors spoke, and while my Gaelic is surely not on par with theirs, I shall at least do my part to keep that tradition alive.







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