Midgard Rising Episode 06: Uruz, Karaoke and the Cascadian Worker’s Front

midgardrising@protonmail.com rss feed: feeds.soundcloud.com/users/soundclo…404/sounds.rss bitcoin d’nations: 13YkmiqFxdMR1BwSm156FTAxMhYneR5Hvo www.cascadianworkersfront.com 00:00 intro: joined by Wagner from Cascadian Workers Front
06:00 URUZ rune study
30:00 questions for Wagner
49:00 Wagner speaks on the Alt-right and associated groups
59:56 break: Volkmom & Wardruna – UruR
1:12:36 return from break: Wagner speaks about Cascadia Worker’s Front goals
1:25:00 paganism in the news
1:44:00 sumbel
1:53:31 end music: Unleash the Archer – Cleanse The Bloodlines