Midgard Rising Episode 05: Dagaz, Midsummer & Meme Magic

email: midgardrising@protonmail.com rss feed: http://feeds.soundcloud.com/users/soundcloud:users:247505404/sounds.rss bitcoin d’nations: 13YkmiqFxdMR1BwSm156FTAxMhYneR5Hvo 00:00:00 introductions ;Dagaz rune study; summer solstice/ midsummer’s eve
18:33:00 prepare to be the Jungian hero
22:44:00 our strongest men were sacrificed during WWI & II and we suffer for it
29:50:00 what is a meme? meme magic
36:00:00 #MoreThanARefugee
44:20:00 Nat Soc is the European immune system activating
54:13:00 break
57:23:00 return from break; WWII talk wrap up
1:03:17 break: BlondeButtermaker & Volkmom herb segment & song Dagr by Wardruna
1:11:00 return from break; discuss Wolf Age segment on Red Ice TV
1:20:25 why do leftist memes suck so bad?
1:27:00 news topics
1:30:30 midsummer eve discussion / explanation
1:44:00 paganism in the news
1:56:54 weekly sumbel
2:05:02 end music: Skrewdriver – Tomorrow Belongs To Me