Midgard Rising Episode 04: Fehu, Ragnarok and the Kali Yuga

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11:00 gift giving aspects of our ancestral religion
do not be stingy when giving gifts
give gifts fully or do not give
gift giving is very good at building community
18:00 bitcoin as a monetary backup
without the federal reserve the wealth created in a community
would stay in a local region and be recirculated
18:00 concept of blood brothers
either in a tribal group or in a military unit
35:00 creation and destruction aspect of Fehu
Kali yuga summary
the age of degeneration, disregard, impiety, absurdity
the goddess Kali is awake in all ways in her age
Kali Yuga brings great promiscuity among women
42:00 Odin010 talks Ragnorak
the hero will die, how you die is up to you
local groups must form to survive
Ragnorak – the twilight of the gods – you are the children of the gods, cyclic event, you are gods
1:05:00 music & Volkmom segment
5th political theory
abandon the nation state & form tribes
we need to create an alt-right deep state
how will the state sustain itself without whites?
everyone must network and join a community group, be it pool party, book club, AFA, etc..
local networking is crucial
religion is secondary to our white folk
1:40:00 need driving action
news topics
Corbyn was the better choice in spite of being an old commie
the seat of Catholicism is lost & taken by Muslims
new Canada gender law is passed
this meets UN definition of genocide
Asatru schools need to form
anti-sharia march
prepping insert: water, food, health care
community is built by these foundations
back to anti-sharia march
Colorado 14’ers went to anti-sharia march
Julian taught marchers to gear up to defend against anti-fa
white men fought together against anti-fa
we must stand up for our white brothers in christ
02:17:00 sumbel
End music: Ironbound by Enherjer