Midgard Rising Episode 03: Othala and the Afterlife

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13YkmiqFxdMR1BwSm156FTAxMhYneR5Hvo • Othala rune • ancestor worship • min. 18 • animism, tree worship is venerating burial sites of ancestors not direct tree worship • folk soul bonds to the land in time and more upon subsequent generations • min. 20 • crush the urbanite, put your feet on the earth • encounters with birds of prey and other predator species are profound and bring one close to the source, the gods, ancestors • the earth/ancestors speak to us most freely when in solitude with nature • min 25 • gathering your group together to challenge oneself in nature will make a man out of you • min 26 • Natsoc sacrificed itself to Odin in WWII • essence of Vallhala  is alpha AF. Drink, hunt, fight, fuck • min 32 • contrast Vallhala to the Christian heaven where one dies and lives in heaven for eternity, boring • min 39 • Julian cuts out • min 42 • discuss the different halls of the gods • min 45 • Ragnorak is now and a time of ultra violence as mentioned by Andrew A. • Possible the gods died during Christianization and are now awakening in the current year • more talk of the halls of the gods • min 51 • big bang theory is jew magic • evolution is kiked, • human’s need to be concerned with Midgard first, the rest of the universe can fuck off • afterlife opinions • Sacco vandal guest request and props for Valhalla posting • life is struggle • min 54 • Halls of the Gods disscussion round up • Hel- not a place of torment • those that go to Hel are recycled back into the folk soul for redistribution energetically not for reincarnation • in Christianity repenting of “sins’ at the end gets you into heaven • in Asatru you get no free pass, your deeds will be reckoned in the end • min 58 • reincarnation is possible in Asatru or to go to the halls when one dies • reincarnation occurs only back into your tribe • Nostarod similar to the Christian  Hell • only a place for oathbreakers, murders, the dregs • More disscussion about the halls of the gods • Ull hall of the hunt, skiing, outdoorsmanship • Bald hall of little grief • Heimdall the god of the redpill & shitposting • min 1:05.48  • break: segment by volkmom and music: Title: Krigsgaldr by Heilung • min 1:10 • news- confederate statues removed • renaming monuments with anti- white names • this shits on our ancestors • leftist gloat over removal of our sacred statues, folk heroes, and the graves of our ancestors • desecration of ones ancestors harms the soul of the people and ancestors • min 1:20 • latest snak bar, habbening nearly every day now in england • min 1:26 • Jack Donvovan • member of the Wolves of Vinland • faggot • author of “The Way of Men” • denounced White Nationalism • Julian’s letter to Jack
 • Jack BTFO by Julian • min 1:39 • fag=jews • they aren’t trustworthy and are  corrosive to white tribal identity • the hermeneutics of gay suspicion as a tactic to get into your butthole • min 1:46 • faggotry = genetic dead end and a disgrace to the ancestors • Sumbel description and execution of toasts and praises • comments, questions, etc… requested • End music: Turið Torkilsdóttir by Týr